2013 KM@KSU webinar archives

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02.21.13 - Opening Webinar with Goodyear Professor Dr. Denise Bedford

02.28.13 - Building Smarter Organizations with Gordon Vala-Webb

03.14.13 - Getting Innovation Right with Seth Kahan

03.21.13 - Fatal Allergies with Wendi Bukowitz

04.04.13 - Sharing Knowledge as Apps in Executable English with Adrian Walker

04.25.13 - Student Project: Organizational Network Analysis of the Transportation Research Board

05.02.13 - Designing Effective IKM & Collaboration in Complex Organizational Environments with David Kamien

05.09.13 - Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer with Giora Hadar

05.23.13 - Knowledge Flows in Project Environments with Barbara Fillip

05.31.13 - Using appreciative inquiry methods to facilitate knowledge transfer, capture and collaboration with Karla Phlypo

07.18.13 - Knowledge Cities for a Knowledge Society with Dr. Denise Bedford

09.12.13 - Knowledge Markets - Professor Marshall van Alstyne - Boston University and MIT Center for Digital Business

02.20.14 - Knowledge Elicitation: Advantages and Challenges with Brian Moon

3.20.14 - Knowledge Capture and Transfer at Kraft Foods

4.10.14 -
Using Network Analysis to Understand the Knowledge Domain of Urban Planning - Dr. Thomas Sanchez