KM@KSU Webinars – Community Charter

Kent State University’s community event -- KM@KSU Webinars -- aims to foster an open and on-going dialog and exchange on any and all topics pertaining to Knowledge Management. Kent State defines knowledge management broadly and inclusively. Contributions should be a public good, not copyrighted material. The goal of the webinars is to create a civil place for sharing ideas.

Who Can Join the Community? Any one engaged in knowledge management, knowledge sciences or their related disciplines is welcome to present their work, host discussions or conversations, propose a panel, or other creative forms of dialog.

Review of Proposed Presentations and Topics: All proposals for topics and suggestions for presentations are welcome. Exception would be proposals that are advertisements or promotional for specific products. To ensure that proposals are aligned with the spirit and profession of knowledge management, the Knowledge Management faculty at Kent State will read and follow up with the individual(s) submitting.

Expectations for Participation and Ways of Working. Anyone, anywhere, regardless of his or her credentials and experience can join this discussion. In true KM fashion, the KM@KSU webinars will function like a true community of practice.

Respectful Communication and Exchange. Each KM@KSU webinar will be moderated or facilitated by a member from the KM community who will be responsible for ensuring that the dialog is respectful and consistent with ethical and professional behavior. Listserv communications will operate under a moderation policy to ensure all members are treated in a respectful and professional manner.

Creative Commons: All contribution to this collaborative work environment (cwe) shall be deemed to have been made under an open content license, open publication license or one of the free software or open source licenses. (See also:

  • unless otherwise specified, content within this collaborative work environment shall be subject to the (cc) Creative Commons license(s), where the Attribution only "cc-by-3.0" license arrangement shall apply as a default, with the rights attributable to the author(s) making the respective contribution(s), and to the owner of this cwe.
  • see:
  • those who are unable to contribute under the above licensing arrangements should refrain from contributing to the cwe content.

Vendors or developers should be cautious about presenting ideas which are not consistent with these open exchange policies.